The Poker Scope
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Maintenance Instructions
1) Replacing the batteries.
    A) Take out the small silver screw.
    B) Slide the cover up and towards the top of the scope exposing the batteries.
    C) Replace with (2) alkaline or rechargeable style AA batteries.
    D) A good battery like energizer or duracell will last for over 250 hours of play time.

2) For light cleaning, use a micro fiber cloth to clean the parts of mirrors and magnifier that you can  reach. Never use a paper towel as it will damage the special surfaces.

3) For a major cleaning the magnifier must be removed:

    A) Reach into the scope and pull out the magnifier.

    B) Clean the bottom mirror first then the top and finally clean both sides of the magnifier. Never use a paper towel as it will damage the special surfaces.

    C) To clean the mirrors, use a dry micro fiber cloth on smalll smudges. If not wet part of the micro fiber cloth with alcohol and wipe mirrored surface, then wipe it dry with the dry side of the cloth.

    D) Clean the magnifyer with a dry microcloth. If not use some soap and water, but no alcohol on the magnifyer.

    E) Slide the magnifier, rounded side up, back into the scope onto the guides on the inside.

    F) Check top mirror again for any possible smudges.

    G) To avoid cleaning, remember to keep the scope covered when not in use.

How To   |   Its Legal   |   Buy It   |   History   |   Contact

How To

How To