The Poker Scope
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Lots of people ask, how on earth was this product even thought of, let alone made into a reality.

The inventor, John McLaughlin Jr, explains here:

"I got the idea during the time of my introduction to poker. Here is the story. My Father, John McLaughlin Sr, who I was in business with for many years, was all of a sudden a very big fan of playing poker online and in Atlantic City.

I viewed his stories as a distraction to my goals of a successful company. He liked to play online, especially since there was no driving needed. He played on Paradise Poker and PokerStars and is the reason behind how I met JoeytheB and allot of other great players.

He won a Caribbean Adventure Cruise with PokerStars that my Mom always talks about, they met Daniel Negreanu, and just loved him. He won a seat with Paradise to the WSOP Main Event.  All of sudden he was in the money, so I decided I needed a break from work and went to surprise him at his hotel room in Vegas from West Berlin, NJ.

The corporate and manufacturing base for JML Computer Products, better known as JMLCable. We made communication cables for just about any Unisys, IBM or HP main frame computer. He had a hat that said JML, his handle on pokerstars was **JML***. Anyhow, he had no idea I was coming to see him. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

For my very first visit to a poker room, he took me to the Amazon room at the Rio, just 200 tables or say 2000 players. He took me to the combined lifestyles gaming convention. We have been to lots of computer conventions before but none like this. My eyes were opened to the fact that poker is a huge industry and with the right idea it could be tapped.

He came in 168th out of 5,619 players in the 2005 WSOP 10K Main Event. People asked him what JML stands for on his hat, he sad Just My Luck.

I had my camera of course, an early digital from made by FUJI and took lots of great photos of him and some of other players. The poker faces and expressions during the hand were what I wanted to capture and quickly I realized that poker news was a pretty big deal. Seeing lots of photographers on the floor, I was impressed with their access to the room and the cattle shoots that were set up like express lanes for the poker elite and its savvy news crews. Simply put, I wanted to do that, almost as much as I liked going  to the In-N-Out Burger down the street.

One of the things I noticed was a player was extremely unhappy that  his cards may have been compromised by a spectator. There was a guy there standing on a chair with a microphone, to me he sounded like he was a boxing announcer that was hired to use his deep voice to lay out the rules of engagement. Lets get ready to shuffle up and deal! Turns out it was Johnny Grooms who I would meet later in AC. He still has the best voice in poker and good OLE southern humor to match, but you will have to go to Baton Rouge to see him. Back on the East Coast, since we don't have an In-N-Out burger it was obvious what I was going to do.

Living just an hour from Atlantic City poker rooms, I started a web site called JMLPoker. I didn't even know how the game was played and for me to hear a bad beat story for the first time was a quite interesting.

My Dad had told me we were related to Jack Keller, one of a very few of all time great poker players in the world. He is my first cousin once removed. During my trip to Vegas my Dad took me to Binion's, the birth place of the WSOP, and I took a photo of his framed photo on the wall. One of only 22 in The Poker Hall of Fame at the time.

My first tournament was at the Show Boat in AC, it was a WSOPC event and using feat in the street sales tactics I was able to gain access beyond the velvet rope. Thanks in part to Johnny Grooms and what I soon learned to be his poke cohort, Jack Effel. The perfect combination of poker wit, smarts, and fair decision making.

I quickly learned the rules of being a poker photographer and standing behind a player with a live hand was one of them. Lots of hands were seen by me, accidentally of course and I noticed other people in the room taking a peek also.

I thought, was there a way to fix this problem? Initially I tried using coherent bundles of plastic fiber optics to transfer the image from the table to the eyes of the player, but in a desire to make it work with zero image loss, I came up with its present design.

It has taken 8 years to get to this point, I have taken every input given to me from the players I met and incorporated them into this finished product.

I learned to play poker with the poker scope and became known as Johnny Scope to my friends. I am a player that my cousin Jack would be proud of. His style is my style and I definitely feel the poker gene in me. I have never played Omaha Hi/Lo, which was his and is my Fathers favorite game.Now with the Poker Scope Ultra seeing 4 cards at a time is a snap.

Jack hated when a reporter would report the inner working of one of his hands, he would have liked the privacy of this device.

My Dad, won a seat into the 2006 WSOP Main Event with PokerStars and cashed again in 611th place out of 8,773 players.

In January of 2010 he beat out 9,995 others players in a 10,000 person tournament on PokerStars. He won an opportunity to audition on YouTube for the Daniel Negraneu Million dollar Poker challenge.

My Dad still plays every day online, I love him very much, he is 84 and my Mom is 90. This is more then a product ,it is who I am, - Johnny Scope."
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